Guardian Life Telemedicine Service “Dr. Guardian”

Believing in customer-first approach, Guardian Life always tries to offer innovative digital solutions to customer as value added services. Hence, Guardian Life has recently introduced a Telemedicine service called “Dr. Guardian” for all the corporate customers. This unique virtual physician service has been launched to provide free primary treatment & medical consultation.


  • 24/7 telemedicine/consultation services
  • Free of cost telemedicine services from the comfort of your home or office
  • Audio consultation services from our verified MBBS doctors (BMDC registered)
  • Get advice or, diagnosis and treatment of non-emergency medical conditions
  • Get e-mail/electronic/SMS prescriptions
  • No need for physical appearance to visit a doctor
  • Secure and confidential virtual consultations
  • Easy access to medical care, especially for individuals in rural or remote areas
  • Reliable and trustworthy medical advice

The corporate customers of Guardian Life Insurance can now avail essential medical services with e-prescription every day while staying at home.