Life insurance is the only wise option to financially protect your life while still having a worry-free and rewarding investment. If you invest in any of the Guardian Life products, you will receive a maximum income tax rebate of 15% with insurance benefits. At the same time, financial security will be preserved. Invest in any of Guardian Life's policies by June 30th to receive numerous benefits.

Investment sectors for tax rebate

Why to invest in life insurance?

How much to invest to get maximum tax rebate

*Payment of a minimum income tax of BDT 5000 is compulsory for the eligible taxpayer irrespective of the rebate amount.

- Invest the amount equal to or greater than the allowable amount in Guardian Life policy before 30th June to get tax rebate.

Investment on insurance is the maximum amount that you can annually invest in life insurance premium.

Tax rebate is applicable on the premium of any revived lapsed policy.

Any type of insurance, whether life or health, provides the highest tax benefits.

Who are eligible?

- Businessman, professional, public and private job holders who are tax payers.

Investment Instruments: All the Guardian Life Insurance Plans (e.g. Pension, CPP etc)

As per section [44(4) (b)] of income tax ordinance 1984, specific types of investment, charity or contribution qualifies for income tax rebate and resultant rebate amount may be derived from:

(a) Total Income

(b) Eligible Amount for rebate

Why investing in Guardian Life's insurance policies is profitable?

  • More than 11 million lives protected
  • 1300+ Crores paid in claims
  • 98% claim payment ratio
  • Claim settlement within 3-5 days of the claim submission
  • Online claim submission through ACPS platform

Achievements of Guardian Life

* This investment and tax rebate calculator is for learning purposes only. We request that none of the calculations from this demo be applied to real-life circumstances.

Tax Information
Total Tax Payable :
Rebate Amount (%) :
Net Tax Payable :

- Minimum Tax

Dhaka & Chittagong City Corp. : 5000 Tk

Other City Corporation : 4000 Tk

Out of City Corporation : 3000 Tk

- Tax Free Income

Male : 300000 Tk

Female : 350000 Tk