Family Protection Plan

Nishchit Pension Plan

Retire smart & enjoy life
Get pension for lifetime
Guaranteed pension amount
Protect your family's future

Make your retired life a respectable & self-sufficient one: A secure retirement plan that will keep you financially solvent for the rest of your life.

In your absence, the policy offers 10 years of guaranteed pension for your precious family.

Cherish those special moments with your grandchildren. Head out for those special tours/vacations that you could never make time for. Buy your better half that special gift that you always longed for but never could manage.

Term: 5 – 40 Years

Annual Pension: It can be any amount and the minimum amount is BDT 24,000

Age: 20 – 55 years

Premium Payment Method: Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

Premium Conversion Rate:

  1. Yearly to Monthly = Yearly Premium X 0.0925
  2. Yearly to Quarterly = Yearly Premium X 0.275
  3. Yearly to Half Yearly = Yearly Premium X 0.525

Supplementary Insurance Facilities:

This plan allows you to avail any or multiple of the following supplementary insurance facilities:

  1. Health Insurance (HI)
  2. Insurance for Critical illness (CI)


  • The policy applicant must be in good & sound health
  • The policy applicant must have own, valid and regular income

Plan Benefits:

  1. Upon maturity of the plan or at the retirement age (set by the policyholder), the policyholder will get the set monthly pension for his / her whole life.
  2. If the pension recipient / policyholder dies within 10 years of pension period, the monthly pension will be paid to nominee of the policyholder for the outstanding period; outstanding period being the time remaining from the completion of the 10-year tenure.
  3. If the policyholder dies while the plan is in force before the expiry of the insurance plan, the policyholder’s nominee will be paid 10 times the set annual pension.
  4. The policy achieves paid-up status after paying at least 2 (two) years of premium, after that the policy may be converted to a reduced Sum Assured upon request of the policyholder.
  5. Surrender Value and Loan Benefit: Upon payment of at least 2 (two) years of premium, a policy achieves Surrender Value. There is option for Policyholder to avail Policy Loan up to a maximum of 90% of the Surrender Value.
  6. Income Tax Rebate Benefit: The benefit of income tax rebate on premium paid every year at applicable rate.
  7. Hospitalization Benefits: Enjoy hospitalization benefits upto 5 Lac for Yourself and every family member (Spouse & Child) individually.
  8. Discounts on Hospitals: Enjoy attractive discounts at more than 300 partner Hospitals & Clinical Labs with Guardian Life Card.
  9. Critical Illness Coverage: 18 Critical Illness Coverage for self upto 5 Lac.

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