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  • Family Protection Plan - Savings

    Guardian Moneyback

    Key Benefits
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    Plan your capital: Return of investment with guaranted extra 25%
    Protect your Family's Future
    Life Cover for entire Policy Term
    Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

    A smart insurance plan where you will get back your deposited basic premium topped-up with 25% of coverage amount at the term-end.

    The additional cash helps you meet your priorities with more ease. Plan your child’s higher education or for the down payment of your home.

    Even redo your home décor or even fund your child’s marriage!

    Term of insurance plan: 10, 15 or 20 years

    Sum Assured: Any amount of sum assured starting with minimum of BDT 1,00,000

    Age: 20 – 50 years

    Premium Payment Method: Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

    Premium Conversion Rate:

  • Yearly to Monthly = Yearly Premium X 0.0925
  • Yearly to Quarterly = Yearly Premium X 0.275
  • Yearly to Half Yearly = Yearly Premium X 0.525

  • Supplementary Insurance Facilities:

    This plan allows you to avail any or multiple of the following supplementary insurance facilities:

    [1] PDAB: Permanent Disability and Accidental Benefit

    [2] DIAB: Double Indemnity Accidental Benefit

    [3] Health Insurance [HI]

    [4] Insurance for Critical illness [CI]


  • The policy applicant must be in good & sound health
  • The policy applicant must have own, valid and regular income

  • Plan Benefits:

    [1] Upon maturity of the plan, the policyholder will get survival benefit, which is 25% of the sum assured along with all the paid premium returned.

    [2] If the policyholder dies while the policy is in force and before the maturity of the policy, the nominee of the policyholder will get the full Sum Assured.

    [3] Income Tax Rebate Benefit: The benefit of income tax rebate on premium paid every year at applicable rate.

    [4] Hospitalization Benefits: Enjoy hospitalization benefits upto 5 Lac for Yourself and every family member [Spouse & Child] individually.

    [5] Discounts on Hospitals: Enjoy attractive discounts at more than 300 partner Hospitals & Clinical Labs with Guardian Life Card.

    [6] Critical Illness Coverage: 18 Critical Illness Coverage for self upto 5 Lac.

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