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  • Group Medical Insurance Plan

    Group Medical Insurance Plan

    Nowadays to lead a healthy life is getting very challenging considering the imbalances of family & other relevant personal expenses. Medical insurance plans are designed to cover medical expenses in case of hospitalization either as in-patient or as an out- patient as well as critical illness. Very flexible and an affordable group medical insurance allows all the regular employees with an option to include family members (spouse & dependent children) under the proposed Medical Insurance Scheme.

    The hospitalization Insurance Plan is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of hospitalization treatment expenses of an insured due to illness or injury sustained during the period of coverage. Hospitalization benefits that are covered under this Plan have been mentioned below:

    1. Daily Hospital Room Rent (Actual or Max.)

    2. ICU/CCU Limit per confinement

    3. Total Hospital Room Rent (Actual or Max.) including ICU/CCU

    4. All other In-Patient treatment expenses inclusive of surgical charges, consultation fees, medicines, medical appliances and relevant medical investigations related to the ailment and other ancillary services (excluding Room & ICU/CCU charges) maximum per disability.

    Applicable for Female employee/spouse up to the age of 45 years. The maternity/obstetrical benefit is applicable for the expenses that incurred for room, board and general nursing care, special hospital services and ordinary nursing care of the baby/babies while the mother is confined to the hospital and for charges made by the physician, or registered midwife. Pregnancy shall include childbirth, miscarriage or legal abortion, including any and all complications arising there from in connection with pregnancy. Maternity benefit coverages that are covered under this Plan have been mentioned below:

    • Normal delivery
    • Caesarean/Ectopic/Extra-uterine pregnancy
    • Legal abortion or miscarriage

    OPD that is Out Patient Treatment plan enables employees to claim for expenses incurred, without being hospitalized. These policies also cover the cost of medicines, with diagnostics or minor procedures. OPD Benefits that are covered under this Plan have been mentioned below:

    1. Doctors Consultation fees

    2. Medical Investigations fees

    3. Medicine Cost

    1. Doctors Consultation fees
    2. Amalgam, Resin Plastic & Temporary/Permanent Fillings
    3. Routine Extraction
    4. Medication
    5. X-rays
    6. Root Canal Treatment
    7. Scaling & polishing (once in a year for each member)

    1. Consultation
    2. Vision tests for errors of refraction
    3. Medication
    4. 4. Lenses & Spectacles