Guardian Life Insurance Limited (GLIL) is the fastest growing Life Insurance Company in Bangladesh. Being the leading group insurer, GLIL has been working towards financial inclusion; it’s partnership with BRAC has spread the reach of GLIL quite extensively with over 6.4 million lives coming under the umbrella of GLIL. GLIL has gone all out when it comes to keeping such a mammoth commitment.

The Policyholder shall submit the claim by filling up the claim form along with all the supporting documents. Claims can be submitted by physically/courier to the following address:

Partnering with the world’s largest NGO and disseminating a service necessitated the placement of a strong Claim Processing Engine that can quench the claim flow generated by such an enormous operation! GLIL has worked in two folds when it comes to the Claim Processing Engine, driving on both quantity and quality.

  • GLIL has smartly taken the help of digital technology, utilized own resources and immobilized the huge infrastructure of BRAC to reach out to the millions of under privileged population of Bangladesh and bring in their lives the Midas Touch of Life Insurance. Capitalizing on the boon of technology in the claim processing, GLIL introduced MyGuardian Web Portal to drive effectiveness and efficiency in claim processing.
  • Innovation-Driven Claim Process Engine has brought in significant quality improvement; the beneficiaries of a policyholder under the Guardian-Brac Bima (GBB) program get on-the-spot cash benefit (funeral benefit) upon making a claim – this helps them deal with the initial trauma. GLIL takes about 4 business days for processing and settlement. This is way above the industry practice.
  • Overcoming Geographical Barriers: Under scope of this Guardian-Brac Bima (GBB), an insurance company for the first time in the country has fully utilized the aggregator’s (BRAC) infrastructure (2224 branches) to provide instant and quality service.
  • Efficient Claim Handling: GLIL has also been very keen to payout claims diligently as this is a great responsibility in terms of Insurance sector development and branding. GLIL aspires to be the harbinger of financial independence to this large population who are usually considered to be “uninsurable” for being poor.
  • Transparency: An insured person can submit his claim and see his claim status any time from GLIL’s web portal. Besides, all the preferred hospitals that provide cashless facilities to the insured of GLIL also can oversee their payment status concurrently.
  • Easy Claims and Data Capture: The claim process in GLIL is easy and a customer can get a very friendly claim handling process experience conducted by a very efficient and communicative team of claim officers. Documents can easily be submitted via MyGuardian Web Portal.
  • Breaking Milestones: This magnanimous venture has resulted into 9,644 claims being settled with 75 crores BDT paid out till date – the amount is quite big in itself; however the true pride for GLIL lies in the efficiency of the process and the thousands of ultra-poor people whose miseries have been alleviated by this big-ticket initiative of Guardian and BRAC.
  • Guardian Claim Process Engine has not only helped drastically improve GBB performance but also enabled GLIL achieve excellent claim settlement scores in overall business. Since 2016, GLIL has received a total of 41,228 claims, of which 38,470 claims have been settled (93%) resulting into payout of BDT 90.2 crores.

Manual Submission:

The Policyholder shall submit the claim by filling up the claim form along with all the supporting documents. Claims can be submitted by physically/courier to the following address:


Claims Department

Police Plaza Concord (13th Floor), Tower- 02,

Plot # 02, Road # 144, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka- 1212.

Guardian Life Insurance Limited.

Cashless Facilities

Cashless facility is a benefit given by an insurance company to its health policyholders. This facility enables the insured to get hospitalized at any preferred hospital of the insurer. This relieves the policyholder of a major financial burden, especially with the rising cost of medical care these days. This facility is offered by virtue of the insurer’s tie-up with the hospital, and such hospitals are called preferred hospitals.

You can contact the insurer directly on 09612316622 or 16622 or simply fill out and submit the form below to guide you on the process of taking cashless facilities.

For cashless facilities please click this Button
Cashless Facilities

Claim Tracking

Quickly and easily check the status of your claim and get step by step help with the claims process. You can check the progress of your claim here.

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Claim Tracker

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Cashless Hospitalization is a special privilege or value added service offered by GLIL. You can enjoy hospital expenses in advance from your available limits as GLIL pays the bills directly to hospitals. You have to pay only for the non-covered items & expenses exceeding your limits at the time of discharge from hospital.

There are two types of Hospitalization.

  • In case of “Planned Hospitalization” such as delivery, gall bladder operation etc. you have to inform GLIL through your HR department prior to hospitalization. Supporting medical documents mentioning your reason for admission & The Hospital’s name is mandatory with the cashless request.
  • In case of “Emergency Hospitalization” such as sudden heart attack, road traffic accident etc. we accept cashless request within 72 hours after your admission. In both the cases we need the full name, age, organization name, membership id (or PIN no) of the admitted patient to find his/her benefit schedule & earlier consumption of his/her limits in our system.

You can send the Cashless request through Hospital’s “Corporate desk” as well with the supporting documents mentioned above. After cross checking the information we would provide you the cashless support.

In short, the insured will inform GLIL through his/her HR with prescription mentioning Hospitalization cause & advice for hospitalization. Besides, he/she will provide Full name, Staff ID, Age, organization’s name & Hospital name during admission. However, this is not applicable for the employees of Brac. They will communicate GLIL directly with these documents during admission.

No. We can arrange cashless hospitalization only in our enlisted/preferred hospitals.

Please click on the link below and you will get the details:

or call us at our hotline: 16622.

In case of non-covered diseases or any doubtful hospitalization where every details need to be checked; we may not provide you the cashless facility. In those cases, you have to pay total hospital bill & later send us your claim along with claim form & supporting documents.

We instructed you to deposit a lump sum money on assumption at the time of discharge. As there were excess costs in the bill exceeding your limits in room rent, service charge etc. And there were costs of some items those are not covered by insurance such as: non-medical items, food items, non-covered medicines etc. Upon final settlement of the bill, the excess deposited amount (if any) would be refunded to your bank account or you may have to deposit more money to us if the amount is less than your non-payables.

We highly discourage this type of very late communication. Because, you have to wait for hours till the procedures from our end is completed. In worst case scenario, even we may not be able to provide you the cashless facility.

Insurance covers only the disability for which you are admitted & general checkup is not covered. We would cover the consequence of the disability/disease for which you are admitted into hospital. But non-relevant tests or consultation or medications with the admission cause have to be borne by you & you have to deposit this excess amount at the time of discharge

After treatment, you will have to collect the claim form from our website/ your office and fill it up properly with necessary documents and submit it to GLIL. You can send your claim through courier or deposit it to your HR if our messenger use to pick up claims from your office.

Our address is: Guardian Life Insurance Limited. Police Plaza – Concord, Tower-2, Plot-2, Road-144, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka -1212.

Call Center :16622


You can download the claim form from our website:

or you can collect it from your HR Department

External claims:

  • Doctor fee, medicine and original receipt of examination.
  • Photocopy of prescription and test report.

Inter-departmental claims:

  • Prescription with doctor's advice for hospital admission.
  • Original receipts of hospital bills, medicine bills and examination bills.
  • Photocopy of hospital discharge, test report and other relevant screaming records.

Group death claim:

  • Employment certificate of the employee which will be sent by the organization, photocopy of the national identity card of the employee and photocopy of the medical document.
  • Certificate of death of the employee.
  • Photocopy of FIR, GD, investigation and postmortem report (in case of accidental death).

Call 16622 at our call center to find out about the above.

The Online Claims Submission (OCS) module is designed to help our group customers submit online (IPD / OPD / Death) claims anytime, anywhere. All groups of customers using any laptop, desktop or mobile device will be able to submit their claims which will reach your designated HR staff for approval. After approval from your HR, the Guardian Life Insurance will be reached to settle the claim.

Please visit any of the links below or install the MyGuardian app from the Google Play Store.

Step-01: Click on the Make a Claim button on the MyGuardian Portal or access the OCS Portal directly using your laptop, desktop or mobile.

Step-02: Fill in all the self-descriptive fields in the OCS portal and submit the required claim documents.

Step-03: After submitting the claim, you will receive an SMS and an HR mail from your company.

Step-04: Using the MyGuardian portal, your company will approve the HR claim and forward it to the Guardian Life Insurance Claims section for processing.

Step-05: The Guardian Life Insurance Claims Division will examine all the information and documents and finally process the claim.

The policy holder's ID number is PIN / Member ID / Staff ID.

We usually send acknowledgment SMS via OCS as soon as you submit your claim. You will receive an SMS if your mobile number is updated on your portal. Our claims department will accept your claim as soon as it receives approval from your HR. In case of unusual delays, you can contact your HR to find out the status of your claim approval or you can call 16622 to know the current status of your claim if approved by your HR.

Yes, you will get coverage according to your limit. If you are covered by outpatient coverage, you will receive doctor's consultation fees, tests and medication costs. You will get benefits according to your limit in case of inter-departmental screaming.

In case of cancellation of the bill, our decision will be final and we will inform the concerned HR by email stating the reason for cancellation. Please contact your HR to find out more.

Yes, Guardian Life Insurance bears the cost of overseas treatment. However, in case of payment, it is based on the cost of Bangladeshi corporate hospital and standard treatment.

Yes, you can check the status of your last 3 claims settlement through the following link:

We do not have access to the BRAC portal. Update BRAC portal with relevant information with the help of your HR. After the update is complete, notify the Guardian Life Insurance's servicing department to update your subscription information.

Since the Guardian Life Insurance has received a cashless outcry from a designated hospital, we cannot measure the remaining limit until the designated hospital bill has been settled. So this delayed claim will be settled without any subsequent contact with you as soon as the hospital claim is settled.

Critical Illness-MDB Claim Form


Death Claim Form


Health Insurance Claim Form


PPD-PTD Claim Form


To make online claim please visit Guardian Online Claim Submission portal.

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