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    A Sobhan Ahmed and a sighing story!

    Posted on: 06 Dec, 2020
    A Sobhan Ahmed and a sighing story!

    Sobhan Ahmed could not have imagined that leisure life would become so miserable. He thought he would retire from his job and spend time with his family happily. He has spent his whole life for the world. He did not have time to think for himself. He could not come anywhere alone with his wife. The boy has taught the girl to study, has spent all the earnings of life for the good of the children. Sahay Sampati has written everything he has done in 3 children. Many had the wisdom to keep something for themselves. No one cared about him. There are children. There is so much tension in life with them.

    Sobhan Ahmed was thinking about his past life while sipping a cup of tea on the veranda of his house in the morning. Hundreds of memories came and crowded Sobhan Ahmed's thoughts. His wife's call interrupted his thoughts. He has to get up even if he doesn't want to. He got up with annoyance saying dhoot. He just brought his grandchildren to school and sat on the verandah to see them in the morning. As soon as Sobhan Ahmed Sure goes in front of his wife, she will hand him the market bag. ‘No, I can’t take this woman anymore! The woman understood nothing but the family. 'Sobhan Ahmed became a little hesitant while blaming his wife. He could not give time to his wife to support the family! And in the absence of the husband, the wife has also become accustomed to household chores. Nowadays so much is thought about the wife. Sobhan Ahmed came and stood in front of the kitchen from the verandah. He used to observe his wife's diligence in cooking. He suddenly felt pain inside himself for his wife. He's not there yet, but when you're not, he'll be able to handle everything!

    Sobhan Ahmed met his eldest son on his way out of the market with a bag. The boy was taking out a motorcycle to go to the office. The boy picks up the father on a motorcycle. Sitting behind the boy, looking at the boy, Mr. Sobhan remembered his office life. Just as he had to work hard for his family, so did the boy. He looked at the tired face of the boy and felt pain. Even after retiring from the job, if she could contribute to the family with her son, that thought would haunt her all the time. Worked in a private office. If not in government service, the pension could be contributed with money; But most of the private sector in the country does not have that system.

    Sobhan Ahmed was shocked by his son's call. After dropping the father off at the market, the son left for the office. He watched the boy leave. Unknowingly a huge sigh came out from inside. Sobhan Ahmed regrets not having a pension plan for the first time in his last life. He sat down with the idea of ​​a secure future for his wife and children. He was shocked to feel his helplessness. He returned home with a bag full of markets.

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