Guardian Life Insurance Limited (GLIL) introduced ‘Guardian BRAC Bima (GBB)’ along with BRAC with the intention of helping deprived and poor people of Bangladesh. GLIL wishes to provide insurance coverage to the low-income community of our country to give them financial security and also a hand on their consistent development.

Micro Insurance is a new but fast growing intervention and becoming constantly popular concept in Bangladesh. Most of the insurance companies in our country are operating in urban society with high-end and middle class people. The premiums of these insurance companies are beyond the reach of the poor community. In this backdrop, GBB has been initiated. The aim of GBB is to diminish the financial risk of deprived people, especially women, due to death of their own selves or spouse/bread earner of their family.


GBB products are served to the borrowing members of BRAC Micro Finance Program. During piloting, borrowers of 70 branch offices are getting this service which will eventually reach to borrowers of all branches of BRAC. It will thus reach to the remotest villages of the country as well. Any person falling within the age between 18 to 64 and taking micro loan from BRAC, can take the micro insurance policy to secure that loan amount.  If (a) the loan receiver or (b) his/her spouse or the main earning member dies, GLIL will - i) repay the full outstanding loan amount to BRAC, ii) if any amount/instilment(s) were paid back to BRAC by the loan receiver before expiring, GLIL will refund his/her family the principal amount of that refund and iii) GLIL will also give a cash amount to the family of the deceased for funeral. The premium rate of GBB was developed considering the economic condition of the clients. The rate of premium is very much within the affordability of the target clients. GBB envisions that the family of the loan receiver will not fall below the poverty line because of his/her death.


GLIL arranges training programs for BRAC field officers so that they can give a clear idea about the insurance policy designed for GBB to the loan borrowers. The training programs are provided with the direct involvement of GLIL staff. Throughout the field training program, GLIL tries to find out what else can be added and incorporate them to make GBB more constructive and beneficial for the valuable clients. Clear Understanding, Capacity Development and Creating Awareness among the people are the three main objectives of GBB training program.

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Guardian's Values

Tapan Chowdhury- Square

“The Sponsors of the company, BRAC, Apex and Square are known for good governance and reliable services and we are here to bring a positive change in this industry by sharing our experience”


Syed Manzur Elahi- Apex

“The intellectual skill and the goodwill that the sponsors BRAC, Square and Apex bring is the basis of trust for our valued customers: A promise is a promise and we have always delivered our promise”


Sir Fazle Hasan Abed- BRAC

“BRAC has been successful in taking the service of micro financing to the lower income sector of the country,; we intend to do the same in life insurance through this company in a few years time; life insurance for all would be our motto”