Building Tomorrow’s Winners


We pay special attention to the recruitment and selection process as well as provide continuous training both on and off the job for our employees. We focus on employees’ competence and commitment which is crucial in providing high-quality customer service in a transparent, accountable and responsible manner. It is our employees who should have the ability to go beyond and constantly bring changes for the betterment and success which will lead us to achieve the Company’s goals.

 Today’s ability, tomorrow’s success

In the selection of our employees, we are looking to find highly motivated, talented, dynamic, honest and friendly people who are willing to get involved and uphold the corporate culture within and beyond the organization. We welcome applications from people who have Master’s /4 years Honors Degree from a course of academic study in any field, and are either at the beginning of their career path or have previous work experience which may even be unrelated to life insurance industry We encourage innovation and learning from best performances and thus strive to achieve excellence through research in an open atmosphere.


Our recruitment process includes job analysis with position specification, sourcing of candidates by networking and other mediums, matching candidates to job requirements and screening individuals. We also assess our candidates to identify whether their individual potential match with our organization requirements by conducting interviews and other such assessment techniques.

Learning and Development

We pay special attention to the recruitment and selection process by:

Ø  Providing continuous training to our potential employees.

Ø  Providing dynamic opportunities for personal and professional development based on transparent criteria, including the chance of working abroad.

Ø  Developing professional performance that goes beyond targets; building interpersonal skills along with dedication and commitment to responsibility.

 Talent Management

Our talent management prepares our team members to compete in the global economy and capitalize quickly on new opportunities. We set strategic talent management plans, which will allow us to:

Ø  Become "proactive" rather than "reactive".

Ø  Identify the essential skills to be developed in all team members, and minimize training costs by focusing on key development areas; and

Ø  Improve our recruiting process by identifying high-quality candidates using job descriptions provided by our reliable enterprise team members holding unique company or industry competencies.

 Combining Individual Goals with Corporate Strategy

Our talent management plan is closely aligned with the Insurance Company’s overall strategic plan and business needs. At GLIL, goal alignment is a powerful management tool that not only clarifies job roles for our individual team members, but also demonstrates their ongoing value to the organization. We engage our team members in their work through such alignments which create greater ownership. As a result this makes our team members more committed to the organization and help reaching higher levels of job satisfaction.

 Happy Team, Better Business

Team motivation is a prime factor in the success and productivity of any business. At GLIL we recognize that our team members are our fundamental assets and we are dedicated to provide a fair, friendly, inclusive and energetic work environment. The following is a brief overview of how GLIL aims to work for the betterment of its team members and helps to create progressive business dynamics:

Ø  Recruitment and selection based on merit, such as skills, experience and ability and not based on any race, gender, religion or family status

Ø  Implementation of advanced human resource management systems to treat our team members fairly

Ø  Provide equal opportunities for training and development, based on the team members’ strengths and needs, to help explore full potential

Ø  Reward fairly based on aptitude, performance, contribution and capability.

At Human Resources, our final goal is to maximize the productivity of the organization by evaluating the effectiveness of its team members while improving their work life and treating them as esteemed resources. Our team members are our strength and on this premise the HR department of GLIL operates.


GLIL’s Offers to the Employees


GLIL’s Expectations from the Employees

Long-term prospects and stability in a solid international group.


Strong understanding and commitment to our ethical values and institutional objectives.

A clear focus on training, from basic courses on financial topics to management training at our international academies.


A genuine interest in learning, active participation and flexibility that is needed to travel for training/ business/ work

Dynamic opportunities for personal and professional development based on transparent criteria, including the chance of working abroad.


Professional performance that goes beyond targets; we expect interpersonal skills along with dedication and commitment to responsibility.

An enjoyable and transparent working environment with organizational hierarchies and a well-developed culture of communication in which employees ideas and opinions are to be valued well.


Solid ethical values, such as respect and fairness and lack of discrimination of any sort, as well as the capacity to work on a daily basis.



Finally, as a fourth generation unconventional Insurance Company, we will strive for excellence in every approach to develop our team members. We value our team members and their impact on the Insurance Company, and their ability to achieve organizational change needed to develop ourselves and the community we serve. We regularly and systematically review our approach so that we can always support our team members to deliver current business goals, preparing them for the changing requirements of future roles and offering the opportunity for personal growth.

Video Spotlight

Guardian's Values

Tapan Chowdhury- Square

“The Sponsors of the company, BRAC, Apex and Square are known for good governance and reliable services and we are here to bring a positive change in this industry by sharing our experience”


Syed Manzur Elahi- Apex

“The intellectual skill and the goodwill that the sponsors BRAC, Square and Apex bring is the basis of trust for our valued customers: A promise is a promise and we have always delivered our promise”


Sir Fazle Hasan Abed- BRAC

“BRAC has been successful in taking the service of micro financing to the lower income sector of the country,; we intend to do the same in life insurance through this company in a few years time; life insurance for all would be our motto”